“After the passing of my father, Jim Perkins was my family’s hero! We attempted to try to navigate the probate world, on our own and with a previous attorney, with no success. This was so discouraging at such an emotional time for all. After bringing Jim on board it was clear that his knowledge, expertise and abilities were needed from the very start. He was able to help us navigate all the different aspects that go into probate or in an estate after someone passes. As the executor of my fathers estate I was lost and wanted to do the best job for my siblings and myself; Jim was by my side every step of the way and kept us on track as we jumped through the courts requirements and outside hurdles. I highly recommend Jim Perkins and would trust him to take care of any future estate needs for our family. We will be forever grateful Jim!” – E. Lewis

“Jim Perkins refers to himself as a “simple country lawyer.” I’d agree. He asks good questions, provides straight answers and charges a reasonable fee. Jim reviewed my commercial lease agreement with a fine-toothed comb, then pointed out several clauses that were potential landmines for me, written totally for the landlord’s advantage. I was able to negotiate with the landlord for a more favorable lease. My living trust is up for review, and Mr. Perkins will definitely be handling that.” – M. Hudz

“My experience with Jim Perkins was exceptional, his attention to detail, knowledge and support was greatly appreciated and I will be forever grateful.

Amazing experience. The staff at this office is amazing. I have been dreading putting together a living trust and kept putting it off. Jim is so organized and knowledgeable that he made arranging a complicated living trust easier than I expected. I could not have put all of this together without the help of this office and Jim’s great advice.” – D. Knudty

“Jim did a very competent, thorough job for me. I was quite pleased.” – R. Roeder

“Jim Perkins has always been there for me professionally. If I have a question i need answered or a problem attended to its usually within hours if not minutes he has it addressed and puts my worries to rest. Its great to have a business lawyer like that at hand. Anything we need in multiple different endeavors he has covered.” – A. Smart

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