Your Personal Legal Generalist

A personal note from Attorney Jim Perkins:

I spent over 25 years in a large law firm, complex financial transactions practice negotiating for and against some of the most powerful institutions on Wall Street.  In the 1980s and 1990s and beyond, I helped create the home equity lending market from a start of virtually nothing.  Clients, colleagues and opposing parties respected me.  My clients paid me well.  And something was missing.

Whenever my friends would approach me with their own personal legal problems, I would have to reply, "I specialize in finance.  You need a different kind of attorney.  When I need an attorney, I need to walk down the hall."  I did not become a lawyer back in the 80s to work primarily with dollars and only incidentally with people - people who were only there because it was their job to keep track of the dollars.

When I applied to law school and as a law student, I wanted to use the law as a tool to improve the lives of everyday people.  I wanted to help people who were treated unfairly at work.  I wanted to help people who had been disabled or injured.  I wanted to help people dealing with the death of a relative or planning for their own death.  I wanted to help people caught up in the often unjust and overzealous criminal justice system.  I wanted to be a crucial element of the justice system, an officer of the court and a trusted advisor.

To some extent, I was all these things to the employees and executives who managed and worked from the large corporate interests that I represented.  However, my real goal is to be all of this to my friends and the people (the flesh and blood people) in my community.

I want to provide you with trusted advice on a broad range of legal topics.  I want to help you with your legal problems.  I want to be your personal legal generalist.  

I hope you will give me that chance.


Jim Perkins, Your Personal Legal Generalist