Your Healthcare Directive: $49.00

When I was about 12 or 13 my grandfather, my father's father, suffered a massive and debilitating stroke.  For the next 2 1/2 years my siblings and I piled into Dad's car, drove down to the county nursing home, visited with my Grandpa and watched him struggle to communicate which he never could do well again.

I really admired the way my Dad stepped up to take care of his Dad, his Mom and his Sisters following that event. Grandpa never had an advance health care directive. Dad, Grandma and my Aunts had to guess at what his wishes were. After the stroke, he sure wasn't able to tell them.

I know that it isn't easy to decide now what you want your family and health care providers to do should you become incapable of commnunicating your wishes. But it is easier for you to think about them now than for your family to guess at your wishes then. At $49, it can't be the price that is standing in your way. 

Do something nice for your family today. They'll appreciate it when the time comes. I know.