Labor and Employment

Our firm is convinced that age, sex, race and disability discrimination remain as pervasive problems in the workplace. We are also persuaded that the concept of at-will employment and the enforcement of non-competition agreements against former employees without compensation provide clear evidence that the legal system remains heavily tilted against the rights of employees. After decades in the legal profession, we have also discovered that because of lax enforcement at the federal and state levels large numbers of employees are improperly classified as salaried or exempt employees when the law, requires that they be paid hourly wages, including time and a half for workweeks in excess of forty hours for the work that they do . 

In this day when well over 90% of all lawsuits are settled before trial, we are not afraid to take your case to a jury of your peers. Numerous Los Angeles area employees have taken their cases to trial and won multi-million dollar verdicts against their former employers.  We vigorously pursue justice on behalf of employees and former employees who have been unlawfully terminated, treated unfairly, harassed or abused in the workplace.

We are also zealous advocates on behalf of workplace whistleblowers.  If you see something wrong going on at your office or factory and your employer is telling you to just keep your mouth shut about it, we are on your side.  Whistleblowers are crucial elements in our society.  Employees who are willing to put right and wrong above concerns about job security or future employability should be regarded as modern day heroes.  From Karen Silkwood (and even before) to Edward Snowden, they have saved lives, saved our federal, state and local governments millions or even billions of dollars and exposed some of the most shocking and agregious wrongs being committed by powerful corporations and even our own government.

Jim Perkins personally handles each case from beginning to end. This creates a stark contrast to larger law firms who use multiple attorneys to attend depositions and court hearings. The end result of the factory firm approach to legal services is that no single attorney is fully familiar with the case.   Jim Perkins will be personally responsible to you for the progress of your case. We concentrate upon getting the maximum recovery and best result for each client.

We are your West Los Angeles Sexual Harassment Lawyers.  We are your West Los Angeles Discrimination Lawyers.  We are your West Los Angeles Whistleblower Lawyers.  We are your West Los Angeles Retaliation Lawyers.  We are your West Los Angeles Wrongful Termination Lawyers.  We are your West Los Angeles Breach of Employment Contract Lawyers.  We are your West Los Angeles Unpaid Wages Lawyers.  We are your West Los Angeles Overtime Lawyers.

Your job is a critical part of who you are in today's society.  Beyond that, most of us cannot survive in modern society without a job.  But you don't leave your rights at the door when you enter the workplace.  There are remedies for unfair treatment at work.

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