Dealing With And Planning For Death

The property you own is too valuable to trust to an online form.  Your Los Angeles estate plan is too important to apply a one-size-fits-all approach. The care and guardianship of your child or pet is even more important.  Every client has unique needs. We take time and really listen until we fully understand your goals.  Then we create the tailor-made legal solution that accomplishes exactly what you want.

As our client, you will work directly with your personal attorney from your very first consultation until we finally resolve your probelm. When you ask a question about your estate planning, probate or Los Angeles elder law matter, we will answer it promptly.  We remind you, but never nag, every year to think about how the changes that have occurred in your life may affect your planning.  When a change in law affects your estate plan, we inform and update you so that your estate plan fully carries out your intentions.

Contact our West Los Angeles probate law firm today.  Contact our West Los Angeles estate planning group today.  Contact our West Los Angeles medicare and medi-Cal asset protection lawyers today.  We have a West Los Angeles inheritance lawyer ready to help you today.

Many of us will need to enter a nursing home or other care facility as we approach the very end of our lives.  A large number of us will need additional or extended care, beyond what family members or friends can provide in our own homes.  Because thinking about these kind of things frightens most of us, we delay or avoid making necessary plans. We don't even begin to investigate all the various long-term care payment options available. As a result of this "head in the sand" approach, we needlessly use our own assets to pay for extended care when substantial federal and state benefit money could be available, if only we had planned properly for this very common, if not always inevitable, event.

At the People's Law Firm of West Los Angeles, Attorney Jim Perkins, provides comprehensive planning services that will allow you to access the care that you need and, at the same time, preserve your accumulated assets for you to use for other purposes or to leave to your heirs or beneficiaries.  We understand how overwhelming the task of working through these plans may seem. We have worked with many clients and their anxiety, uncertainty, confusion and frustration about all the various rules and requirements.  We will walk you through the entire process from West Los Angeles estate planning (wills and trusts) to the development of a comprehensive plan that provides for your long-term care while preserving your estate to the fullest extent possible.

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